Thierry and Antonia Richards moved to central Tokyo towards the end of 2010, initially serving at Grace City Church Tokyo where Thierry has been assistant pastor.  Their particular aim is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into the world of business and other working people in central Tokyo.

Most recently they have set up Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership which has the vision of sharing Jesus Christ with more people to transform their work and life and to expand the partnership within which more leaders will be trained.  Three key areas of focus are small group Bible studies in the Marunouchi area (the Marunouchi Office Groups); the Samurai Projects which exist to identify and offer Bible training to Japanese Christians who will take up leadership positions in the future; and a new church to be planted in central Tokyo to be called Marunouchi Church Tokyo.  

Listen to Thierry as he and his colleagues present their vision in this short video:

The following video presents the Tokyo Marunouchi Partnership and its aims in Japanese: