Our vision is to help make a significant difference in the progress of the gospel among the Japanese people over the first half of this century.

Christianity in Japan

Christianity is very much a minority religion in Japan at present. We estimate that between 0.2% and 0.5% of Japanese have fully embraced the gospel, which makes the Japanese among the least-reached major people groups in the world.


Author: Ian Maclennan

How can I help make a difference?

What are some of the things I could get involved with or do which will make a difference to the advance of the gospel among the Japanese?


Author: Ian Maclennan


We are pleased to offer Japanese Bibles, Japanese Christian literature and tracts, as well as selected books about Japan and gospel outreach. We ship worldwide.



Our vision

JCL's vision is to help make a significant difference in the progress of the gospel among the Japanese over the first half of this century.



The challenge...


Japanese people in Japan and abroad

< 1%

are thought to be Bible-believing Christians


largest unreached people group in the world

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