Levi and Mayu (who is pregnant with their first child, due in December) live in Tokyo where they seek to create community that communicates Christ. The primary way they do this is through a ministry called Friday Terrace. Here's a video explaining what that ministry is, as well as hearing Mayu’s testimony of coming to Christ:

Mayu works as an artist, aiming to change Japanese people's perspective of Christianity through her art, and does ministry with Community Arts Tokyo, helping direct art events and mentoring short-term missionaries. You can see her art style on her online store (currently only available in Japan) and on her instagram.

Levi is involved in Sports Ministry in partnership with Japan International Sports Partnership and FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Japan, creating training resources for Japanese churches and organising community outreach events using frisbees. He has written a short book (designed for people who don’t like reading!) about how God used ultimate frisbee to guide him to be a missionary in Japan. You can find it at 10ofthose.com.

Levi and Mayu would love to hear from you. In particular, they would really appreciate your partnership in prayer and financially. To partner with Levi and Mayu in prayer, please sign up for their prayer letters by filling in this form:

Here's how you can partner with them financially:  

Partner with Levi and Mayu financially

Levi and Mayu are hoping that long-term they will be able to expand Mayu’s art business to cover their basic living needs, so they can use donations for ministry costs. At the moment they are still relying partly on financial giving to free them up to do ministry. Thank you for considering partnering with them financially.

Praise God

For being able to reconnect well with local family and friends (many of Mayu's relatives live nearby).

For making connection with their local (町会 'choukai') community group and Levi having a good conversation with the community group leader about how they can be an active part of the community whilst holding to Christian values.

That their Friday Terrace weekly outreach has been well attended and they are making new contacts.

Please pray

For wisdom, boldness, and receiving favour as they seek to build trust within the local neighbourhood and get more involved in the local (町会 'choukai') community group.

For planning and preparation for upcoming arts and sports events and summer camps.

That in the busyness of life, work and ministry they would keep abiding in Christ.

For protection for Mayu and baby.