This tract tells the story of how professional golfer Tsuneyuki Nakajima came to faith.  He and his wife describe how winning at golf was everything to him from an early age.  However, his success both in Japan and internationally did not bring him peace.  Then from 1995-2002 he didn't win a single tournament.  No matter how hard he tried he couldn't regain his place at the top and he eventually lost his self-esteem.  One day he said to his wife "you can save others, but you can't save me". Stung by this, his wife began to pray earnestly. 

Nakajima finally came to realise that God accepts us just as we are.  Previously he had relied on his own efforts, but when he lost the things he had prided himself on he found real treasure in his relationship with God.  As he stood on the brink of victory for the first time in seven years at the Diamond Cup in 2002, he was thinking 'no matter what anyone else thinks of me God won't leave me'.  For seven years he thought he had been struggling alone, but God who had promised not to leave him had been waiting for him.  The tract concludes: no matter how hard we try we can't go to where God is and even if we were to succeed, God wouldn't be there.  Why? Because God has already come to us.  The cross of Christ tells us that, though we did not know him, he gave his life for us'

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