Hardback.  Written by Ritsuko Nakajima, the wife of successful professional golfer Tsuneyuki Nakajima, and including a foreword by him, this absorbing book is about how both Ritsuko and Tsuneyuki came to faith and how this affected their lives and relationships. Ritsuko tells how she became a Christian at an early age and how she met and married Tsuneyuki just as he was starting his career in profesional golf. It follows his career through success followed by seven years of downturn, and how this led him to rely on God rather than himself, and his subsequent comeback. Writing in a light, engaging style, Ritsuko talks about the difficult relationship between Tsuneyuki and his father. She talks about how she felt as a Christian wife with a non-Christian husband before Tsuneyuki came to faith, her struggles with loving him during his downturn and his own with negative attitudes. A very approachable book for non-Christians being based on personal experience and testimony rather than theological argument. It would also appeal to Christians, including married couples and women with non-Christian husbands. Interspersed with black and white photographs of Tsuneyuki's golfing career. Hardback.

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