You have come to the right place for Bibles, Christian books in Japanese and English and also tracts!  We would be delighted to advise you on which resources would be most helpful, please feel free to contact us.  Alternatively, please browse our online shop.  Note that we ship worldwide, with the exception of Japan.  If you are looking for literature to be delivered in Japan, please contact us for assistance.  

As most Japanese are not at all familiar with Christianity, our experience is that it is worth considering giving someone an introductory booklet along with a New Testament.  Remember that very few Japanese will ever have read the Bible at all and they will not have a clear idea about how it is organised and which parts are more (or less!) accessible.  If they start at Genesis, they may not get much further than the start of Leviticus, so your help in directing them as they read the Bible is likely to be critically important.  The good news is that famous Japanese author Ayako Miura has written some very helpful book including introductions to both the New Testament and the Old Testament which we usually have in stock.  

We also have other resources which are accessible to younger people and students, with our Manga Bible being particularly popular.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us for advice, and be reassured that we will aim to recommend the most effective, as well as the lowest cost resources.