We very much appreciate the opportunity to introduce a new Christian, or someone who is looking into Christianity for the first time, to a vibrant and welcoming fellowship back in Japan.  As Christians in Japan are a small minority, this can be a challenge.  We have a network of contacts in many parts of Japan and would be delighted to recommend one or more churches which may be suitable to welcome someone new to, back in Japan.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us at the earliest possible opportunity.  Sometimes it can take some time to come up with a suitable suggestion and we also recommend introducing a potential new joiner while they are still abroad, so that relationships can commence and we can maximise the chances that a suitable church or fellowship will be found.  The more time we have to research and arrange introductions, the more likely it is that a good match will be located.  

Here are a few comments from those who went back to Japan about their experiences of church back home:

“One day I was asked to join a students’ Bible study. At the end of study I was asked to pray. Pray?! Oh no, I can’t pray in Japanese. . . I’ve never done that. . . So the leader said I could pray in English! Ok, so I did it in English. They were just amazed and enjoyed hearing my English prayer even though they couldn’t understand what I was praying! Obviously they just enjoyed the sounds!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I have been keeping my faith in God and attending a church here . . . not only that, but I have just recently started talking to God.”

“Thank you very much for the list of churches for me. It is really great, because the church I chose to go is one on the list! I am really happy with them and started making really good relationships with them already. I am lucky to be in this church which has a big heart! They really accept me as I am!”

“I was finally able to settle in a church nearby and have been attending the services regularly. I still have issues with my family about my faith, and I must be discrete when leaving home for attending services, but I am much happier now.”

“After returning to Japan, I have kept my faith through the support of Christian friends. From them I always learn how Jesus supports them, and this helps me see how Jesus also supports me. To tell the truth, it’s sometimes difficult to follow Jesus, because sometimes I don’t understand why he gives me such hard situations.”

“I often have a lot of events to attend to on Sunday so I am unable to go to church. Unless there are other Christians around, it is very difficult to speak about God.”

“Most of the church members are extremely busy so they don’t have much time to meet for prayer or Bible study.”

“I felt that the church I visited was stiff and formal! And too particular about rules!”

“The memories I made with my host family overseas and Bible verses I received from friends in the church there have helped me to continue following Jesus after I returned to Japan.”

“The best way to help your Japanese friends is to spend time together and pray together, and after they return home to keep in touch and keep them up-to-date.”

“As time went by the people at church started to demand a lot from me and criticised my way of living, so I gave up going there. Now I am looking for a church again, but so far I cannot find one that suits me. But I never forget what God did for me. I thank God every moment of my life.”

“On Sundays I watch church services live on the internet so I am able to hear sermons at home. It’s great for people like me who can’t physically attend church.”

“It has become abundantly clear that it is difficult to openly practice Christianity whilst living with my family. At the moment, I am using various devotional materials to keep me refreshed and staying on course.”

“I often miss the time in the UK where we had deep fellowship, so being able to attend a Bible study with other returnees once a month is a great encouragement for me. We are able to share about our experiences and our various needs. Because of this I am able to overcome every month.”

“When I returned I felt that people at church were rather gloomy, but now I feel that way too. I find it stressful to adapt my faith to that of the church.”