Japanese people are highly literate and most love reading.  We have received so many comments and such amazing feedback about the impact of the books and tracts which we stock in our online bookshop that it is best to let this feedback speak for itself!  

Report from mission trip to Japan:

Thank you for praying for my mission trip! I continually saw the fingerprints of God in different ways throughout the entire trip.

Outcome in numbers...

- 34 one-on-one English/Bible sessions tutored with Bibles being received by almost all of the students

- 100 "The Search" manga gospel books given to enquirers and 12 Bibles (I couldn't fit all 200 gospel mangas in my bag and suitcase!)

The students would come to learn English and I used a Bible workbook as text. Japanese people from all walks of life came: housewives, businessmen, international travellers, actress, artist, high school student, 13-year-old girl.

A woman who'd been coming to English/Bible lessons for 7 years at the school became a Christian, and we celebrated her baptism. It was the most treasured highlight of this trip!

Cheltenham seems to be a centre for students from different countries to come to learn English. We became host families and we often have Japanese people staying with us. So far they have been 16 to 21 years old. Until now I have been giving them Japanese New Testaments or Bibles….

We pray that they go home with good memories of their time in the UK and in our home. We also hope and pray that they will read some of the Bible or New Testaments that we give them or that someone in their families or friends will. The sower doesn't know where some of the seed will land!

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Our present student is .... from Hiroshima. The order is for her, but I have to present it properly wrapped!

They are for a Japanese Christian lady in my Bible study group who became a believer quite recently. It would be great if you would pray that she really gets into her quiet times with Jesus.

Thank you for your help. I’m giving these to my mother in law who is not a believer so you can pray these books might turn her heart to Jesus.

The books were delivered safely this afternoon!! Thank you very much for sending them quickly! I'm glad that we can provide the book to a participant tomorrow/on Friday for the Bible Study.

I have an exchange student from Japan staying with us and couldn't find any good Christian literature here in New Zealand. 

We have a Japanese student staying with us, while she is attending a local School of English. She has come to our church with us over the last few weeks, and enjoys it, but the sermon is hard to understand - so I think this booklet is just what she needs.

Just collected the Bible from the post office tonight.  Looks like a good investment. Will keep you posted. Thanks again for sending it on so swiftly.

Thank you very much for dispatching the Bible so quickly. It is for my own study. My Japanese is limited but this book should really help.

Thanks for organising this, the Bibles are part of a Christmas gift for the three Japanese students who come along to our international café, two of them are involved in group and 1 to 1 Bible studies, how exciting!

I’ve just been writing letters and sending them off with the Fukuinban [Japanese Christian Newspaper] you sent me. Most of them can understand when I write in English but I am so thankful that I have such helpful materials in Japanese like the Fukuinban to send them !  Thanks so much for all your help!