I have decided to do a birthday fundraising for my birthday in early July to honor my friendship with Makito-san, who has been a spiritual brother to me when he was in Sydney. Makito-san and his family have been faithful servants of God. In addition, I remember Makito-san as a fellow Barneys member during the late 2010s.

To my friends in St Barneys and other churches, as a Japanese citizen, I would like to see the Christian community grow and become a positive influence to Japan's future, in the hopes of the country and society shedding its honor-shame culture. If this is more your thing, then may I encourage you to donate, either in addition to, or instead of, my other fundraising event.

You can read more about Makito-san and what he's doing in Japan on his JCL partner page.  Here's a photo of me with Makito-san back in January 2019 with other family members.

Hisashi Nakahara