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JCL News and Publications

JCL issues a number of publications. These include our JCL News magazine, regular Praise & Prayer letters, news and prayer letters from each of our Mission Partners, and an annual prayer calendar. All of these are available free of charge by post or, in the case of the prayer letters, by e mail. Visit our publications page to learn more.

JCL Japan Conferences -  Please see our conference page for more information.

London International VIP Club Meetings

These are ideal gatherings to invite Japanese business people to for some relaxed and enjoyable interaction with others and for some stimulating conversation in their own language. (The "VIP" idea is taken from Isaiah 43:4). They take place typically from 7 p.m. on a weekday evening in central London, approximately every six to twelve weeks. Usually a delicious Japanese meal is followed by a short talk and plenty of time for informal interaction. On many occasions the talk will be the personal testimony of a Christian. On other occasions there may be a theme, e.g. golf, paintings, music, etc. through which some connection with the Christian gospel will be drawn. However, meetings always aim to be informal and accessible to those who would not consider themselves to be Christians. Previous speakers have included: Keiko Holmes, Kiku Horinouchi, Tatsuya Takeshita, Yuko Yamagata, Bernard Firkins, Yoshiko Oishi, Selvan Anketell, Kazuo Ichimura and Yuki Maeda. Meetings usually will take place at 7pm at the Japanese restaurant Miyama City (17 Godliman Street, London EC4V 5BD). For more details please email Akiko Masui or contact us.

Japanese language church services or fellowships

These are held by JCL Partners or others in the following locations. If you are interested in attending or in taking a Japanese friend along to one of these services please feel free to contact us or one of the individuals listed below - we can give you detailed directions and put you in touch with someone who will be able to welcome you there.

Japanese Bible studies

In addition to the Bible studies mentioned above, Japanese language Bible studies also take place in Reading, Oxford, Maidenhead, Sevenoaks and London. Please contact us for more information.

Japanese parent and toddler groups

Parent and toddler groups for Japanese meet regularly in London, Tooting, Milton Keynes, Reading, Edinburgh, Stockport, Cambridge and Sevenoaks.

Click here to see details in English of the group which meets near the Gherkin in the City of London (日本語はこちら), or contact us for more information on any of the groups.

Ongoing typical events or activities in London and elsewhere:

Various informal cookery classes
Various informal English language classes
Various mothers & toddlers groups
Various informal Japanese language Bible study discussions
Various seasonal events, e.g. Easter, Summer tea, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.
Various regular meetings to pray for Japan and the Japanese people
contact us if you'd like to know more.

Are you in the USA? Check out Reaching Japanese for Christ, for those interested in mission among Japanese, including reaching Japanese living in the USA with the gospel.

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