Most Japanese people are avid readers and many Japanese Christians testify to the role played by Christian literature in their journey to faith. Our aim is to provide Bibles and a range of books in Japanese, which introduce the Christian message in a way that is culturally relevant and easy to understand. We also stock books in English for those interested in God’s work among Japanese. Please note that prices do not include the cost of post and packaging. Contact us by e-mail, phone, fill in the online form or post your requirements to place your order or to request further information or advice.

1. Japanese Bibles
2. Bilingual Bible Study Texts
3. Japanese Books Introducing Christianity
        a). Books by Miura Ayako
        b). First Step Series
        c). Others
4. Japanese Evangelistic Tracts
        a). Tracts by Every Home for Christ and The New Life League
        b). Tracts for Children
        c). Others
5. English Books about Japan
6. Other Items

1. Japanese Bibles & Bible Portions

Which version? The Shinkaiyaku version is a standard translation, which is widely used in evangelical churches in Japan. It was first published in 1970 and subsequently revised in 1978, 2004 and 2017. The Living Bible is a paraphrase, which aims to make the meaning of the text easier for modern readers to understand. It is not often used in corporate worship, but could be a good one to start with for people who have never read the Bible before.

Buying for a friend? If you are buying a Bible or New Testament for someone who has never read it before, you might like to consider giving them a copy of Miura Ayako’s Introduction to the Old Testament or Introduction to the New Testament (see section 3). These are wonderful books which give beginners the confidence to begin reading the Bible for themselves.

Looking for an app?  You can obtain immediate access to the Bible in Japanese on your smartphone or tablet through an app. The latest version of the Shinkaiyaku Bible is now available on both iOS and Android app stores. Please see for instructions (Japanese only). Alternatively search on the relevant app store for 聖書 新改訳 第3版. The app costs £ 23.99.

Free downloads of the Bible are available from the YouVersion website (, which offers apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. Japanese Bible versions available are just two, the Colloquial Japanese version (口語訳; kōgoyaku 1955) and the Japanese Living Bible (リビングバイブル; JLB 1977).  

Medium-sized Japanese Bible Shinkaiyaku version, 2004 revision (聖書、新改訳、中型) 19cm × 15cm
Grey vinyl cover. Contains cross-references and colour maps
Price: £31.00 - [Order]
Small-sized Japanese Bible Shinkaiyaku version, 2004 revision  (聖書、新改訳、小型) 15.5cm × 12cm
Grey vinyl cover. Contains cross-references. No maps.
Easy to carry but the smaller print may be harder to read than that in the medium-sized version.
Price: £19.60 - [Order]

New Testament Shinkaiyaku version (新約聖書、新改訳) 18cm × 13cm
Paperback. Contains maps. No cross-references.
Price: £4.80 - [Order]

Bilingual Japanese/English New Testament NKJV (新約聖書、英和対照)
11cm x 15cm Shinkaiyaku with New King James Version. Olive green vinyl with paper cover. Contains maps. No cross references. No furigana to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters.
Price: £10.50 - [Order]
NEW! - Bilingual Japanese/English New Testament NIV (バイリングル聖書・新約、新改訳)
15cm x 21cm Shinkaiyaku with New International Version. Pale blue with paper cover. Contains full colour maps and some cross references in the English text. Includes furigana to show the pronunciation of Chinese characters.
Price: £17.00 - [Order]
Living Bible

The Living Bible – Paraphrased (リビングバイブル) 20cm × 14cm New Stock! Hardback.  Beautifully presented text with furigana to show pronunciation of Chinese characters.  Contains some black and white maps and charts. No cross references. A good version for those new to the Christian faith to start with.
Price: £34.00 - [Order]


The Living Bible - New Testament – Paraphrased (リビングバイブル)19cm × 13cm  New Stock!  Paperback. Beautifully presented text with furigana to show pronunciation of Chinese characters.  Contains some black and white maps and charts. No cross references. A good version for those new to the Christian faith to start with.
Price: £13.00 - [Order]


Gospel According to John Shinkaiyaku version (ヨハネの福音書、新改訳)
10cm x 15cm pamphlet.   An attractively presented small booklet containing the Gospel according to John.  Contains furigana to show the pronounciation of Chinese characters.
Price: £0.50 -
Manga Bible, New Testament I – the Messiah (みんなの聖書マンガシリーズ新約聖書I)
The Gospels, presented in Japanese manga comic book form. Using Bible text, colourful imagery and commentary to help the reader understand significant events, material from all four gospels is presented chronologically. Great for adults and older children. One English teacher in Japan said “I cannot tell you how avidly our students are devouring them, they absolutely love them and they are being read by family members as well. I really cannot emphasize enough what a great evangelistic tool this series is.”  Ideal reading alongside the New Testament, this will help bring the Bible alive for both non-Christians and Christians alike.
Price: £5.30 [Order]

2. Bilingual Bible Study Texts

Written by Hugh Trevor, who spent many years in Japan as a missionary with OMF, these are ideal for use in one-to-one or small group studies. Each chapter contains questions and short explanatory notes. The Japanese is on the left hand page and the English is on the right.

Bible Study for Beginners Part 1
The Ideal Pattern for Life, God, Sin and Salvation
An excellent way to introduce the Christian message to those with little or no previous knowledge of the Bible. The 12 studies cover topics such as Our Attitude to Material Possessions, Love, The Prodigal Son, The True God, Creation and the Problem of Sin, Forgiveness of Sins through Christ’s Death. For many Japanese people, it is helpful to study these basic topics before going on to look at Jesus’ life in Part 2
Price: £2.50 - [Order]
Bible Study for Beginners Part 2
The Life of Christ

12 studies looking at the life and teaching of Jesus and the meaning of his death and resurrection.
Price: £2.50 - [Order]
Bible Study for Beginners Part 3
Growing in the Knowledge of God

17 studies looking at the spread of the gospel in Acts and basic teaching for new Christians on Assurance of Salvation, Baptism, Prayer, The Bible, Guidance and Being a Witness. The final lessons cover Christ’s Second Coming and Heaven.
Price: £3.00 - [Order]
Christianity at a Glance
Basic Bible Study from the New Testament

A short course of 9 studies selected from Bible Study for Beginners Part 1 and 2. Passages are taken only from the New Testament. Ideal for those who need a brief introduction to the Bible in a limited period of time.
Price: £1.50 - [Order]
In the Beginning
Bible Studies on Genesis

17 studies from the Book of Genesis.
Price: £2.50 - [Order]
Faith in Action
Bible Studies on Samuel and Ruth

14 studies from 1 and 2 Samuel and 2 studies from the Book of Ruth.
Price: £2.50 - [Order]
What Christians Believe
Bible Studies on the Apostle’s Creed

The Apostle’s Creed is read each Sunday at most churches in Japan. These 15 studies show the Biblical truths on which the Creed is based. Originally written for those preparing for baptism, it also highlights the difference in orthodox doctrine from groups such as the Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons, which are widespread in Japan.
Price: £2.50 - [Order]

3. Japanese Books introducing Christianity (all in Japanese only)

a) Books by Miura Ayako
b) First Step Series
c) Others

a) Books by Miura Ayako (paperbacks 15cm × 11cm)
Miura Ayako is a household name in Japan and consistently ranks as one of the top ten most popular novelists. This is amazing in a country where less than one percent of the population identify with her faith. Her books are a wonderful resource and many Christians testify to the role that her writings have played in their journey to faith. We cannot recommend them too highly.

道ありき (Michi ariki) - There is a Way
An autobiography in which Miura Ayako describes her journey from nihilism and despair to faith in Christ. After reading this book a Japanese lady living in the UK recently wrote, “I was amazed to find that she had been just like me with the same questions and struggles. I felt that she was speaking to me and I suddenly realised that the Bible could be personal and relevant for me too.” Read a fuller English summary of Michi Ariki here.
Price: £5.50 - [Order]
光あるうちに (Hikari aru uchi ni) - While there is still Light
Probably the best short introduction to the Christian faith. Drawing on personal experience and observation of human nature, Miura Ayako shows that people are basically weak and self-centred but argues that this should cause us to seek God and a deeper meaning for our lives. She presents the good news of God’s love shown through Jesus’ death on the cross and encourages the reader to take their first steps to discover a new life in relationship with Him. Read a fuller English summary of Hikari aru uchi ni here.
Price: £4.60 - [Order]
新約聖書入門 (Shinyaku seisho nyumon) - Introduction to the New Testament
Using illustrations from her own life and from Japanese culture, Miura Ayako provides a wonderful guide for anyone who is beginning to read the New Testament for the first time. Written in an informal, conversational style, this book avoids the danger of beginners giving up half way through the genealogy of Matthew chapter one!
Price: £4.80 - [Order]
旧約聖書入門 (Kyuyaku seisho nyumon) - Introduction to the Old Testament
For many Japanese people the Old Testament can appear confusing and impenetrable. This introduction by Miura Ayako, which focuses on the better-known parts of the Old Testament, gives people the confidence to begin reading for themselves.
Price: £4.80 - [Order]
塩狩峠 (Shiokaritoge) - Shiokari Pass
Based on the true story of one who sacrificed his life to save others in a railway accident, this is one of Miura Ayako’s best-loved novels. It portrays a man’s journey of self-discovery that leads him towards understanding and acceptance of the Christian faith. A classic in its own right – can be enjoyed even by those with only a passing interest in Christianity. Read a fuller English summary of Shiokaritoge here.
Price: £6.00 - [Order]
ひつじが丘 (Hitsujigaoka) - The Sheep Hill
Disillusioned with her marriage and unable to accept her husband’s weaknesses, the young heroine of this novel by Miura Ayako is confronted by the questions, “Is love more than just feelings?” and “What is forgiveness?” Drawing parallels with the parable of the prodigal son, this is a sobering read for all those who seek fulfilment in romantic love and a challenge to those who consider themselves morally superior to others. Thought-provoking without preaching. Read a fuller English summary of Hitsujigaoka here.
Price: £4.50 - [Order]

b) First Step Series
Written by Uchida Kazuhiko, a Japanese pastor who spent several years studying in the US and UK, these short books are suitable for those who want to know more about the Christian faith. Easy to read in a clear, factual style.

キリスト教は初めて (Kirisutokyo wa hajimete) - Christianity for Beginners
A basic introduction to Christianity based on exploring the meaning of John 3:16. Each chapter discusses a phrase of this verse to explain the basic concepts of God, God’s love, Jesus, salvation and eternal life. The final chapter deals with repentance and faith.
Price: £4.50 - [Order]
祈りは初めて (Inori wa hajimete) - Prayer for Beginners
A basic introduction to Christian prayer. What is prayer? To whom do we pray? What can we pray about? Includes a chapter which looks phrase by phrase at the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and a final chapter of frequently asked Q&As. A very helpful book for anyone who has been looking in to Christianity and wants to begin talking to God.
Price: £4.50 - [Order]
聖書は初めて (Seisho wa hajimete) - The Bible for Beginners
A clear, factual introduction to the Bible. What are the Old and New Testaments? What were the original scripts and how have they been translated? What are the central themes of the Bible? There are also brief descriptions of the main books in the Old and New Testaments. The final chapter encourages the reader to approach the Bible humbly and prayerfully in order to hear God speaking through it.
Price: £4.50 - [Order]
教会は初めて (Kyokai wa hajimete) - Church for Beginners
The vast majority of Japanese people have never attended a church service. This book encourages people to make their first visit by answering some of their basic questions. It gives guidance on how to choose a church and explains the various elements of a typical Sunday worship service, as well as other activities such as Sunday school, prayer meetings, Bible classes and home groups. The final chapter entitled 'What is Church?' explains that church is not a building or a place exclusively for teaching but a gathering of God's people and shows how the church is portrayed in the Bible as the Body and Bride of Christ. There is also a helpful Q&A section dealing with questions such as, 'Why are there so many denominations?' and 'Do I have to go to church if I am a Christian?' Suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have become Christians overseas with little experience of church life in Japan.
Price: £4.50 - [Order]

c) Others

NEW! - 神の大いなる物語 - God's Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts, translated by Kazuhiko Yamazaki-Ransom
Sixty-six books written by 40 people over nearly 2000 years, in several languages and many different genres. A worldwide bestseller published in countless sizes and bindings, translations and languages. It has been sworn by in court, fought over by religious people, quoted in arguments. The Bible is clearly no ordinary book. How can we begin to read and understand it as a whole? In his excellent overview, Vaughan Roberts gives the big picture - showing how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God. He gives us both the encouragement and the tools to read it with confidence and understanding. He points us to the Bible's supreme subject, Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers through him.
Price £11.00 - [Order] 


クレイジーラブ - Crazy Love by Francis Chan with Danae Yankoski, translated by Grace Koshino
God is love.  Crazy, relentless, all-powerful love.  Have you ever wondered if we're missing it? It's crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe, the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies and E-minor, loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. And what is our typical response?  We go to church, sing songs, and try not to swear. Whether you've verbalised it yet or not, we all know something's wrong. Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo?  Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions?   God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself.   A study session for individual or small-group use appears at the end of each chapter. 
Price £10.30 - [Order] 

希望ある生き方ガイド (Kibo aru ikikata gaido) - Live a Hopeful Life
Japanese people often view religion as either a means of obtaining material blessing or as a path to moral self-improvement. Pastor Hideo Chiyozaki shows that neither of these can deal with our fundamental problem of sin. He introduces the God of the Bible, shows that Jesus was more than just a good moral teacher and explains that the cross and resurrection are God’s answer to our problem. In the final chapter he discusses our response and explains what it means to repent and believe in Jesus. An excellent short introduction which covers the basics of the gospel in 60 pages 
Price £2.40 - [Order]

NEW! - 早わかり聖書ガイドブック (Hayawakariseisho Gaidobukku) - Guidebook to Understanding the Bible Quickly
This helpful book is aimed at people who are looking to understand the structure and content of the Bible readily. Packed with maps, graphics, explanations and descriptions which illuminate what is written in the Bible and make the text accessible, this is a valuable tool for those looking to understand God's word.  
Price £14.00 - [Order] 


NEW! - イエスの生涯 (Iesunoshougai) - The Life of Jesus by Kazuhiko Uchida - This book seeks to understand Jesus through careful, systematic study grounded in all four gospels.  Written in a way which encourages readers to see the distinctive nature of the Lord Jesus and which contrasts sharply with the pagan cultural norms which most Japanese will know well.  
Price £15.00 - [Order] 


NEW! - 神なんていないと言う前に (Kaminanteinaitoiumaeni) - Before You Say There Is No God.... This is a really helpful book aimed at those who are minded to follow agnosticism or atheism.  In the popular manga style it sets out various facts and arguments which declare the work of God in creation.  The reader is challenged to consider how chance / accident could have resulted in the order in the world we know.  Grounded in the Bible, the Christian perspective is held out in a way which is appealing and insightful.   
Price £15.00 - [Order] 

ロープ (Rope) - Rope
Written by Ritsuko Nakajima, the wife of successful professional golfer Tsuneyuki Nakajima, and including a foreword by him, this absorbing book is about how both Ritsuko and Tsuneyuki came to faith and how this affected their lives and relationships. Ritsuko tells how she became a Christian at an early age and how she met and married Tsuneyuki just as he was starting his career in profesional golf. It follows his career through success followed by seven years of downturn, and how this led him to rely on God rather than himself, and his subsequent comeback. Writing in a light, engaging style, Ritsuko talks about the difficult relationship between Tsuneyuki and his father. She talks about how she felt as a Christian wife with a non-Christian husband before Tsuneyuki came to faith, her struggles with loving him during his downturn and his own with negative attitudes. A very approachable book for non-Christians being based on personal experience and testimony rather than theological argument. It would also appeal to Christians, including married couples and women with non-Christian husbands. Interpersed with black and white photographs of Tsuneyuki's golfing career. Hardback.
Price £9.80 - [Order]
神との7分 (Kami to no 7 fun) - Seven Minutes with God
A short leaflet written by Robert Foster and published by the Navigators which explains the basics of spending a daily quiet time with God. Suitable for a new Christian, it suggests setting aside seven minutes each morning and shows how that time can be spent in reading the Bible and talking to God in prayer. The hope is that those who establish this habit will soon find that seven minutes is not nearly long enough!
Price: £0.30 - [Order]
静思の時の持ち方 (Seishi no toki no mochikata) - How to Have a Quiet Time
A more substantial booklet written by Warren and Ruth Myers and published by the Navigators. It acknowledges the pressures we face in our busy lives, but encourages us to avail ourselves of the wonderful privilege of spending time each day with our Heavenly Father. With practical suggestions about how to read the Bible and pray, it is a challenging and inspiring booklet for Christians at all stages of their walk with God
Price: £2.00 - [Order]
福音版 (Fukuinban) - Gospel News
An attractively presented, four-page monthly magazine published by The Christian Newspaper. The front page has the verse for the month and a short article that shows how the verse relates to our everyday lives. The back page has a testimony by a Japanese Christian. The inside pages feature regular columns such as ‘From the Diary of a Christian Lawyer’. The magazine avoids preaching or pressurising and is suitable for seekers and believers alike. Many Japanese people here in the UK look forward to its arrival in their postbox every month.
Price: £14.40 for an annual subscription including postage within the UK. - [Order]
Please contact us if you would like to receive a sample copy before ordering

4. Japanese Evangelistic Tracts

a) Tracts by Every Home for Christ and The New Life League
b) Tracts for children
c) Others

a) Tracts by Every Home for Christ and The New Life League
Short evangelistic leaflets attractively presented in an up-to-date style. These tracts do not aim to present a full gospel message, but try to make people think about their lives and realise that the Bible may have something relevant to say to them.

本当に答えはないのか (Honto ni kotae wa nai no ka) - Is there really no answer?
A helpful tract for those who are struggling to find meaning in their lives. Where did I come from? What will happen when I die? Is there any meaning to life? Those who seriously seek to find answers to these questions may conclude that there is no meaning and may be driven to depression and suicide. As a result, many people decide just to get on with their lives without ever facing up to these issues. The Bible even voices these same questions in the Book of Ecclesiastes – ‘Meaningless! Meaningless!…Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless!’ But the Bible also provides an answer. In Genesis 1:1 we are told that ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ If you look around the room where you are sitting, you will probably find that everything has been placed there for a purpose by the person who designed the room. It is the same with God who created the world and those who live in it. It is only through meeting our Creator that we can discover the meaning of our existence and the purpose of our lives.
Price: £0.25 - [Order]
晩鐘の告げる世界 (Bansho no tsugeru sekai) - ‘The Angelus’ by Jean-Francois Millet
The tract discusses this famous painting from the viewpoint of ‘Family, Work and Faith’. A hard-working couple stand in the fields at the end of the day with their heads bowed in prayer. Here we see the basis of family life as a husband and wife working together and supporting each other in the face of the trials and tribulations of daily life. We also see their acceptance and thankfulness for their work – even though it is hard and exhausting. It is a reminder that we should be thankful for our work at all times. But it is their faith in the one true God that supports both their relationship together and their attitude towards their work. Today there are many people who have a family and are successful in their work but still fail to find fulfilment and happiness. That is because they lack the relationship with God, which supports and gives meaning to our lives. Jesus said, ‘Man does not live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds from the mouth of God.’ This painting reminds us of that truth. The tract also contains a quotation from Matthew 6:31-33.
Price: £0.25 - [Order]
こころのエステ (Kokoro no esute) - Beauty treatment for the heart
We are surrounded by advertisements which tell us that we need to be beautiful if we are to be happy. But surely it is our hearts rather than our outward appearance that need to be transformed? Our hearts can be weighed down with regrets about the past and anxiety about the future. As we grow old we can worry about losing our youth and develop complexes about how people see us and about what we have achieved with our lives. We can begin to feel that we have no intrinsic value. But the Bible tells us that even though our outer nature (our physical bodies) is wasting away, our inner nature (our hearts) can be made new day by day. If we ask Jesus into our lives, he can change us from the inside. He can lift the burdens from our heavy hearts and fill us with new hope and joy. ‘Wisdom brightens a man’s face and changes its hard appearance.’ Ecclesiastes 8:1.
Price: £0.25 - [Order]
マイケル・チャン 勝利より大切なもの (Shoriyori taisetsunamono) - Michael Chang - More important than winning NEW!
The famous Chinese-American tennis player Michael Chang gives his testimony and explains what is more important to him than winning at tennis. Having won the French open in 1989 at the age of 17, he still holds the record for the youngest ever male player to win a Grand Slam title. Would be suitable to give to someone interested in sports and a sportsman's perspective on the good news of Jesus Christ.
Price: £0.50 - [Order]
生かされてある限り 三浦・綾子 (Ikasaretearu kagiri) While there is still life - Ayako Miura NEW!
Short tract outlining the story of well-known Japanese Christian author Ayako Miura who suffered from brucellosis and subsequently a serious disease of the spine which resulted in her being confined to bed for 13 years, including 7 years totally immobilised in a body cast. She came to faith in Jesus Christ and wrote a number of highly regarded novels dealing with sinfulness and egoism, contrasted with sacrifice and forgiveness of sin.
Price: £0.50 - [Order] Very limited stock
人生を100倍楽しむ法 高木・慶太 (Jinseiwo hyakubai tanoshimuho) ... to enjoy life a hundred times more - Keita Takagi NEW!
Tract by Keita Takagi based on 1 Timothy 6:17 ".... to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment." Also quotes John 3:16 and encourages the reader to get to know this God who offers true enjoyment in life, through a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Price: £0.25 - [Order]
あなたを受けとめる愛 (Anatawo uketomeru ai) Love which accepts you NEW!
Tract which outlines how anyone can encounter the God who accepts them and offers them his love, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Discusses Issa Kobayashi, a character from Japan's history who was a prolific writer of haiku. Contains a Bible Talk section written by Dr. Patrick McElligott.
Price: £0.25 - Sorry currently out of stock 
夢を超えたもの (Yumewo koetamono) Beyond Dreams NEW! 
Eight page stapled booklet, around 5 1/4” by 3 1/2” (or 134 mm by 90 mm). Contains a concise gospel exposition with the message is that there is hope beyond your best dreams. The five keys mentioned are Amazing God our Deepest Hope; Ignoring God our Greatest Loss; Dying God the Greatest Love; Open to God the Greatest Gift; and Talking with God Coming Home. Version A - nature / seascape / pastel colours.
Price: £0.50 - [Order]
夢を超えたもの (Yumewo koetamono) Beyond Dreams NEW! 
As immediately above but in a different format. Version B - automotive, car keys, open road themed.
Price: £0.50 - [Order]

b) Tracts for children

おれさまはおおかみだぜ (Oresama wa ookami da ze) - I’m the big, bad wolf!
Suitable for very young children to encourage them to come to Sunday school to meet someone who loves and accepts them just as they are. A big bad wolf frightens the little pigs and spoils their games. But sitting by himself he realises that he doesn’t have any friends and he wonders why he always behaves in such a horrible way. One of the little pigs tells him that he was just the same but then he met someone who loved him and became his friend. He invites the wolf to come with him to church to meet that person. On the last page the happy wolf encourages the reader to do the same. The tract opens out to show pictures from Bible stories and the verse, ‘Let us love one another.’
Price: £0.20 - [Order]

c) Others

道を探して- The Search
A longer tract (47 pages) which explains the gospel using a modern Japanese parable of a young man on a journey trying to find his own way through life. Using illustrations and examples relevant in a Japanese context, the text is vividly illustrated with manga cartoons. Divided into four sections - God's Love, Our Condition, God's Response and Our Response - the booklet traces how the main character learns about sin, how it separates us from God and how God sent Jesus to reconcile us to him and to be with us always. It ends with the young man realising that true freedom lies in choosing to open your heart to God. He asks God into his life and continues his journey happily with Jesus by his side. The tract concludes with a prayer that could be used to ask God into your life. Vivid and relevant, this is an excellent publication for students and young people and could also appeal to older adults.
Price: £0.60 - [Order]
なぜイエス様? (Naze, Iesusama?) - Why Jesus? – Nicky Gumbel
Translated directly from the English, this tract differs from the others in that it presents a full gospel message and a prayer to accept Jesus into one’s life. For the majority of Japanese people with only a passing interest in Christianity, this is too much information at one time. But it is a useful tract for those who are already looking into Christianity and have begun to understand the basics of the gospel.
Price: £1.10 - [Order]
God Bless You (in Japanese)
11cm x 11 cm
A short leaflet which explains the love of God for each of us, includes a music mini-disc and invites further consideration.  Includes a quote from Numbers 6:24-26: "The Lord bless you and keep you...."
Price: £0.65 - [Order]

5. English Books about Japan

A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Japanese, OMF
Offering helpful insights on Japan and its culture, this short book outlines Japan's history and religions, and addresses questions and difficulties that Japanese may have about Christianity. It includes some practical advice for Christians on sharing their faith with Japanese friends, as well as useful cultural background.
(This book replaces OMF/ISCS's "Making Friends with Japanese People" and draws on ISI's "How to Share the Good News with your Japanese Friend.")
Price: £2.99 - [Order]
The Golden Triangle & Japan - Church and Mission in Buddhist Worlds by Glenn Myers
Covering Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Japan, this short book looks at the history of the church and the prospects for it in each country today. The excellent section on Japan looks briefly at Japanese culture and history and how these have impacted church growth. It highlights some of the challenges facing the church and considers prospects for the future. Part of the WEC briefings series.
Price: £2.99 - [Order]
On Giants’ Shoulders by Patrick McElligott, WEC Publications
Patrick’s autobiography describing his conversion in London’s East End and his thirty years as a missionary in Japan with CLC and WEC. A ‘must read’ for all those interested in mission work in Japan.
Price: £7.99 - [Order]
Sensei – The life story of Irene Webster-Smith by Russell T. Hitt, ICM Press
The inspiring biography of the Irish JEB missionary who arrived in Japan in 1916 and spent her life working among homeless children and prostitutes. In her later years she worked with students and is well known in Japan as the founder of the Ochanomizu Christian Centre which today houses the headquarters of many Christian organisations and maintains a vibrant witness in the heart of Tokyo.
Price: £6.60 - [Order]
Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan by K. Webb, NextChurch Resources
When Christianity arrived in Japan 450 years ago, Japanese people were so attracted to the gospel that they chose torture and death rather than renounce their faith. But today many seem indifferent to the message of salvation. What changed? This book examines the invisible spiritual realities behind the 17th century persecution of Christians and the subsequent strongholds that were established in Japanese society that still hold people in spiritual bondage. Contains an insightful prayer guide with suggestions for how Christians can pray effectively for Japan.
Price: £3.60 - [Order]
The Other Ninety-nine by Eric Gosden, Marshalls Paperbacks
Although published in 1982, this brief history of Protestant missions in Japan is still an informative and insightful read.
Price: £1.40 - [Order]

The Unseen Face of Japan by David C Lewis, Wide Margin
The Unseen Face of Japan has been thoroughly revised and updated by incorporating comparisons with recent studies on Japanese religion and church growth as well as some new material on Japanese religious practices. This second edition includes not only more up to date statistics but also broader perspectives on factors facilitating church growth. By helping Christians to understand Japanese attitudes towards religion, the book aims to equip Christians to find culturally relevant points of contact for evangelism. Limited stock available.
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Buddhist Priest Meets Jesus by Hirokazu Matsuoka, translated by Roger Stevens
A clear, very readable book, great for non-Christians wondering about the differences between Buddhism and Christianity. Author Hirokazu Matsuoka grew up in a Buddhist temple and from a young age wondered about the meaning of life. He describes how he decided to become a priest like his father to search for the truth, but on a student exchange in Korea he was invited to church and subsequently became a Christian. Matsuoka testifies to how God satisfied his search for meaning and has been with him ever since. Full of personal testimony, the book also explains the Christian faith and contrasts it with Buddhism in key areas, such as life after death and the need for salvation, in an easy to understand way.
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Not So Secret by Graham Orr
Being comtemporary agents for mission
If you find evangelism challenging, then this is a helpful book for you!  Graham Orr, a highly experienced OMF missionary and church leader with many years of relevant experience in Japan shares his perspective and helps us to focus with renewed enthusiasm on God's plan to reach others for Christ. 
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Operation Japan Prayer Guide (CD version)

There are no plans to update the 2005 book version (pictured here) and we no longer stock this. Instead we offer a more frequently updated CD version, containing key prayer needs and issues facing Japan as well as information on each prefecture. Highly recommended for both beginners and those who have prayed for Japan for many years - you will find a wealth of information here.
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[Order] JCL copies and distributes this under licence outside the USA. If you are a USA resident who would like this CD, then please e-mail the producer, Don Wright, to request it.

Japan Prayer Calendar
A5-sized booklet containing wide-ranging general prayer information on Japan as well as specific prayer points for the work of JCL and our sister organisation in Japan, JEB.
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JCL News - Japanese Outreach Magazine
Published twice a year, featuring stories, advice, views and news of forthcoming events .
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6. Other Items


日々の力 - Daily Strength
A pocket-sized booklet of encouraging Bible verses for everyday use. Most suitable for Christians. Could be given to new Christians or to those returning to Japan to encourage them.
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