Japan Conferences in the UK


Our next conference will take place, God willing, between 19th and 21st July 2019. Do please put these dates in your diaries now!  

Do you:

Wish you understood Japan and the Japanese people better?

Want to pray more effectively for them?

Want to understand more about being a Japanese Christian and to have some new perspectives on how to reach other Japanese with the good news of Jesus and help them grow in faith?


then the Japan Weekend Conference is for you!

Our venue is All Nations Christian College, an historic main house set in beautiful grounds. Our guest speaker is Akira Sato, pastor of Fukushima First Bible Baptist Church, formerly 3 miles from the now notorious nuclear power plant. Following the triple disaster in 2011, the congregation was forced to leave, and many will never be able to return to their former homes. Although they now have a new church building in a safer location, about 70 of the members spent two ‘homeless’ years on the move together, without a church building or homes of their own.

On their journey however, they learned deep truths about ‘home’ and about being ‘church’ - being a community of believers. Join us this summer (July 2019) to learn from their experiences and to gain a better understanding of the current spiritual climate and Christian scene in Japan.

There will be plenty of input in Japanese so do invite your Japanese friends. The programme will include workshops, testimonies and good time to relax, chat and get to know one another - a great opportunity to meet different people involved in outreach to Japanese, as well as to make new friends and renew old acquaintances. I look forward to seeing you there!

Selvan Anketell, JCL Director of Mission


Our last conference took place between 20th to 22nd July 2018.

Makoto Fukuda Our speaker was Pastor Makoto Fukuda who leads Grace City Church in Tokyo, as well as the Grace Church Planting Network.  Pastor Fukuda is passionate about sharing the gospel with his countrymen and women in ways which are accessible and approachable, while always being faithful to the truth of the gospel as set out in God's word.  The emphasis on relationships and community within Grace City Church has been a major factor which has attracted many to come and hear the gospel for themselves.  We very much enjoyed hearing Pastor Fukuda's insights and experiences in holding out the gospel to dwellers from the 21st century metropolis that is Tokyo today.  Audio recordings of the main talks have been made and we are planning to make them available shortly.  


Our last but one Japan weekend conference took place on 21st to 23rd July 2017 at All Nations Christian College (ANCC).  It was an unusual conference in that sadly our main speaker was unable to join us due to being incapacitated after experiencing a broken leg, so many of the participants kindly agreed to share information about their ministries, which made for a quite different, and very interesting, conference.

These gatherings are a great chance to meet people involved with, or interested in, ministry to Japanese in the UK, Japan or elsewhere and to generally meet with Japanese Christians. They are an opportunity to hear what God is doing among Japanese people today and for people to learn more about sharing the Gospel with their own Japanese friends and contacts.

In 2014 we had a 'returnees' theme and our visiting speaker was Setsu Shimizu of JCFN, the specialist returnee ministry network based in U.S.A. The conference afforded an opportunity for Japanese in the UK to come along and be helped and equipped for their eventual return home. We plan to continue to offer help for 'returnees' at future conferences.

In March 2015 was with Dr. Mitsuo Fukuda, from Osaka. There were some thought provoking good principles as well as some controversial ideas. It was also a great chance for Japanese in the UK to come and be encouraged or prepared for their eventual return home, as well as for other Christians in Britain who are interested in or engaged in mission among Japanese to be better equipped for that or better informed for prayer.

In July 2016 we enjoyed time with Yuji Uno from the Japan Navigators as he shared insights concerning evangelism as a lifestyle and encouraged us to go the extra mile to build up disciple-making disciples, to the glory of God.

Workshops & Resources                                            

Focused workshops give the opportunity to look in-depth at various issues. Communicating the gospel in the Japanese cultural context, supporting returnees, Japanese beliefs about death and the spirit world, praying for Japan, and innovative ideas and resources for outreach are all subjects we have covered in the past. A wide range of Japanese Christian literature and English books on Christianity and Japan will be available from our JCL Bookshop conference stand.


Worship & Testimony

In addition, others involved in a wide variety of Japanese ministries share their experiences and we hear from Japanese Christians about their faith and the difference Christ has made in their lives. We join together in worship, prayer and Bible teaching.



Fellowship & Networking

One of the main benefits of the conference is the chance to interact with many different people involved formally or informally in outreach to Japanese and to share ideas, encouragement and make new friends. If you are exploring how you can serve God among the Japanese, new contacts can lead to new opportunities. What participants have said:

"It's been so refreshing and encouraging for me to hear about the variety of work going on in Japan/UK and about how God is working in people's lives in such a powerful way"

 "I was a little worried about attending by myself but it wasn't a problem and I met so many encouraging Christians both British and Japanese."

"The conference has definitely made me think about going to Japan".


Conference Talks

To listen to some talks and workshops from past conferences click on the links below:

Yuji Uno speaking on Evangelism as a Lifestyle  (in Japanese with English interpretation). 

Hiroyuki Miyake speaking on Judges 1: 1-16  (in Japanese with English interpretation)

Christianity in Japan, a "foreign" religion - a workshop led by John Cooke looking at the history of Christianity in Japan and how to overcome its image as a religion suitable for foreigners but not Japanese.

Japanese Buddhism - a workshop led by Yuki Williams and Peter Yonge exploring the place of Buddhism in Japan today. The workshop also touches on Shintoism since the two religions are intertwined in Japanese thought.

You can also listen to some of the talks from our 2009 conference when the key speakers were Hugh Brown - a JCL Mission Partner in Kobe and chaplain at Kobe's high security prison - and Koichi Kawamura, a former businessman who now pastors Nagao church in Shikoku.

Interviews with Hugh Brown and Koichi and Yasuko Kawamura

Hugh Brown on work amongst prisoners in Kobe's high security prison

Koichi Kawamura on challenges facing Christians in modern Japan (in Japanese with interpretation) 

More Information

JCL conferences are for anyone with an interest in Japan and outreach to the Japanese. Typically around a quarter to a third of those who attend are Japanese and the language medium is increasingly bilingual with interpreting of main talks and the option of attending English language or Japanese language workshops. If you have not been before we'd love to see you at the next one! For more information on JCL conferences please contact us.

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