In the JCL network there are opportunities for many to be involved in outreach to Japanese people – from occasional participation to a missionary career. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the following roles:

Mission Partners– full time-roles in outreach to Japanese in Britain, Japan and elsewhere from two years upwards. Depending on your gifts, training and experience, you could be working with others in an established region or pioneering work among Japanese somewhere new.

Network Partners – are normally those involved in some form of ministry, possibly part-time or informal, among Japanese, at their church, at work, through a language school, or on their own initiative – but who, as individuals, have a special relationship with JCL and are linked into our network, for prayer and for mutual encouragement.

Volunteers – part-time roles, usually involving some form of outreach. This could involve direct contact with Japanese, e.g. via Bible studies, casual English teaching, or forms of friendship evangelism, or indirect ministry, e.g. pen friend or internet outreach ministry, research or administrative support.

Supporters – you can support work among Japanese through prayer and financial support - please see the pages on Praying for Japan and Giving to JCL for more information on this.

Short Term Missions to Japan - If your church is interested in organising a short-term mission to Japan we may be able to help you with contacts, advice and information. Please get in touch to find out more. Some pictures from a short-term mission to Japan by St Ebbes Church, Oxford are below.

Japan Christian Link is a registered Charity