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Japanese Bibles

Medium-sized Japanese Bible Shinkaiyaku version (聖書、新改訳、中型) 
Price: £31.00
Small-sized Japanese Bible Shinkaiyaku version (聖書、新改訳、小型)
Price: £19.60
Japanese New Testament Shinkaiyaku version (新約聖書、新改訳)
Price £4.80
Bilingual Japanese/English New Testament New King James Version (新約聖書、英和対照)
Price £10.50
Bilingual Japanese/English New Testament New International Version (バイリングアル聖書・新約、新改訳)
Price £17.00
The Living Bible Paraphrased (リビングバイブル旧新約聖書) 
Price: £34.00
The Living Bible - New Testament Paraphrased (リビングバイブル新約聖書) 
Price: £13.00
Gospel According to John – Shinkaiyaku version (ヨハネの福音書、新改訳)      
Price: £0.50
Manga Bible, New Testament I – the Messiah (みんなの聖書マンガシリーズ新約聖書I)
Price: £5.30


Bilingual Bible Study texts


Bible Study for Beginners Part 1, The Ideal Pattern for Life
Price: £2.50
Bible Study for Beginners Part 2, The Life of Christ
Price: £2.50
Bible Study for Beginners Part 3, Growing in the Knowledge of God
Price: £3.00
Christianity at a Glance Bible study book
Price: £1.50
In the Beginning Bible study book
Price: £2.50
Faith in Action Bible study book
Price: £2.50
What Christians Believe Bible study book
Price: £2.50


Japanese Books Introducing Christianity


道ありき (Michi ariki ) - There is a Way
Price: £5.50
光あるうちに (Hikari aru uchi ni) - While there is still Light
Price: £4.60
新約聖書入門 (Shinyaku seisho nyumon) - Introduction to the New Testament
Price: £4.80
旧約聖書入門 (Kyuyaku seisho nyumon) - Introduction to the Old Testament
Price: £4.80
塩狩峠 (Shiokaritoge) - Shiokari Pass
Price: £6.00
ひつじが丘 (Hitsujigaoka) - The Sheep Hill
Price: £4.50


First Step Series


キリスト教は初めて (Kirisutokyo wa hajimete) - Christianity for Beginners.
Price: £4.50
祈りは初めて (Inori wa hajimete) - Prayer for Beginners
Price: £4.50
聖書は初めて (Seisho wa hajimete) - The Bible for Beginners
Price: £4.50
教会は初めて (Kyokai wa hajimete) - Church for Beginners
Price: £4.50


Other books introducing Christianity


神の大いなる物語 - God's Big Picture - by Vaughan Roberts, translated by Kazuhiko Yamazaki-Ransom
Price £11.00 - NEW!
クレイシーラブ - Crazy Love - by Francis Chan with Danae Yankoshi, translated by Grace Koshino
Price £10.30
希望ある生き方ガイド (Kibo aru ikikata gaido) - Live a Hopeful Life
Price £2.40
早わかり聖書ガイドブック (Hayawakariseisho Gaidobukku) - Guidebook to Understanding the Bible Quickly
Price £14.00 - NEW!
イエスの生涯 (Iesunoshougai) - The Life of Jesus by Kazuhiko Uchida
Price £15.00 - NEW!
神なんていないと言う前に (Kaminanteinaitoiumaeni) - Before You Say There Is No God....
Price £15.00 - NEW!
ロープ (Rope) - Rope, book
Price: £9.80
神との7分 (Kami to no 7 fun) - Seven Minutes with God
Price: £0.30
静思の時の持ち方 (Seishi no toki no mochikata) - How to Have a Quiet Time
Price £2.00
福音版 (Fukuinban) - Gospel News
Price: £14.40 for an annual subscription incl postage within UK


Japanese Evangelistic Tracts


本当に答えはないのか (Honto ni kotae wa nai no ka) - Is there really no answer?
Price: £0.25
晩鐘の告げる世界 (Bansho no tsugeru sekai) - ‘The Angelus’ by Jean-Francois Millet
Price: £0.25
こころのエステ (Kokoro no esute) - Beauty treatment for the heart
Price: £0.25
マイケル・チャン 勝利より大切なもの (Shoriyori taisetsuna mono) Michael Chang - More important than winning
Price: £0.50
生かされてある限り 三浦・綾子 (Ikasaretearu kagiri) While there is still life - Ayako Miura
Price: £0.50
人生を100倍楽しむ法 高木・慶太 (Jinseiwo kyakubai tanoshimuho) ... to enjoy life a hundred times more - Keita Takagi
Price: £0.25
夢をえたもの (Yumewo koetamono) Beyond Dreams - Version A - nature / seascape / pastel colours
Price: £0.50
夢をえたもの (Yumewo koetamono) Beyond Dreams - Version B - automotive / car keys / open road themed
Price: £0.50


Children's Tracts


おれさまはおおかみだぜ (Oresama wa ookami da ze) - I’m the big, bad wolf!
Price: £0.20


Other Tracts


 道を探して - The Search
Price: £0.60
なぜイエス様? (Naze, Iesusama?) - Why Jesus? – Nicky Gumbel
Price: £1.10
God Bless You – in Japanese
Price: £0.65


English books about Japan


A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Japanese, OMF
Price: £2.99
The Golden Triangle & Japan - Church and Mission in Buddhist Worlds by Glenn Myers
Price: £2.99
On Giants’ Shoulders by Patrick McElligott
Price: £7.99
Sensei – The life story of Irene Webster-Smith by Russell T. Hitt
Price: £6.60

Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan by K. Webb
Price: £3.60
The Other Ninety-nine by Eric Gosden
Price: £1.40
The Unseen Face of Japan by David C. Lewis - Limited stock available
Price: £12.00
Buddhist Priest Meets Jesus by Hirokazu Matsuoka, translated by Roger Stevens
Price: £5.00
Not So Secret by Graham Orr
Price: £10.00
Operation Japan Prayer Guide - CD
Price: £2.00
JCL Japan Prayer Calendar 
Price: no charge for deliveries within the UK
JCL News Magazine
Price: no charge for deliveries within the UK


Other items


日々の力 - Daily Strength 
Price: Free, but small charge to cover postage

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