Meet a few of our partners and volunteers in the UK below.

Richard & Yuko Brash - Edinburgh

Richard & Yuko have just moved to Edinburgh, where Richard is studying for his PhD in Systematic Theology. They are also active in working with international students at their church in Edinburgh.  Prior to this they were based at St Ebbe's Church in Oxford, also helping with the internationals ministry. They are particularly working with Japanese families, postgraduate students, and language-school students to bring them the good news of God's love for them in Jesus Christ and are also helping to link up those who return to Japan with other Christians back home.  

Hiro & Valerie Fujiwara - London

Hiro and Valerie live in Wimbledon. As well as being good examples of "JCL Volunteers", they are also a delightful combination of East and West! Valerie has been interested in Japan since her teenage years and made a number of Japanese friends during an overseas assignment in France. Later, she and Hiro met in London and they were married there. Many Japanese live in the Wimbledon area and Valerie is involved with others from her local Anglican church in a friendship group for young Japanese mothers. They at first engaged in cookery classes, delving together into the art of various cuisines from around the world, as well as other activities. This has spawned English classes, a Japanese Bible study group and more recently, fortnightly Japanese Sunday afternoon workship meetings.

Ian Maclennan - Portsmouth, Hampshire and Sevenoaks, Kent

Ian works as Director of Operations for Japan Christian Link, spending time at home and at JCL's office in Sevenoaks, Kent. Previously he worked for a Japanese bank in London and sought to draw alongside Japanese business people. The operations of Japan Christian Link are varied and require a knowledge of charity law, accounting, foreign exchange, pensions, event management, literature retailing and management, etc.  Ian would value prayer for effectiveness of the work undertaken, so that operations would fully support the gospel outreach work being undertaken, allowing the gospel message to be shared by all involved without distractions from operational issues!

Selvan Anketell - Sevenoaks, Kent

Selvan Anketell was born in Sri Lanka but spent his later childhood in England. He has had a 25-year international career in the oil industry, which included a posting in Japan. As JCL's full-time Director of Mission since 2000 he provides support and leadership for JCL's network from our UK office in Sevenoaks, Kent. Selvan would value prayer for wisdom and effectiveness in his work, a heart for people, and a clear sense of priorities amid many opportunities and needs.

Japan Christian Link is a registered Charity