JCL Japan

JCL has several Mission Partners and Network Partners in a number of places in Japan and who are engaged in a range of different activities. See here to find who and where they are and also to find some important facts and figures about Japan. You can read more about one or two of our partners below.

Thierry & Antonia Richards - Tokyo

Thierry & Antonia Richards have been in Japan since the end of 2010, working with the recently planted Grace City Church in Tokyo.  Their particular aim is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into the world of business and other working people in central Tokyo.  The Grace City Church family warmly welcomes Japanese who return from overseas with a new faith, a number of the congregation are 'returnees.'  Thierry is also involved in running the church's training initiative, the Samurai Project, which seeks to equip Japanese Christians with Bible teaching skills so that they can share the good news of Jesus with others in business, the arts, politics, as well as be involved in church planting.  You can read more about this exciting new church here.

Dave & Heidi Skipper - Tokyo

Dave and Heidi Skipper moved to Tokyo in 2010 with a vision to use their passion for music to connect to people outside the church. Heidi is involved with a large network of Gospel choirs, the Hallelujah Gospel Family, in particular working on resources and training for kids' choirs.  She also runs local mums & toddlers music & movement groups.  Dave's main focus is on sharing God's love in Tokyo's underground music scene.  


Hugh Brown - Ibogawa, Hyogo Prefecture

Hugh is from Northern Ireland but has now worked in Japan for well over 20 years.  After investing time and energy in planting a congregation in the town of Ibogawa, Hugh is now focusing more of his time on prison ministry, particularly in Kobe, where he has been granted unprecedented access to meet with inmates.  Following the publication of a book by Hugh in 2001 concerning the moral issues behind violence, he has had increasing opportunities for a wider and more public ministry, including sharing his testimony on local and national TV.  He would value prayer for wisdom in balancing his priorities and continued open doors for effective prison ministry.


Dawn Bolton - Kobe

Dawn comes from Hertfordshire. She felt God speaking to her about mission and attended part-time evening Bible lectures while teaching English in Budapest. After a one-year mission course at a UK Bible College God put Japan on her heart and she stepped out on a two-year church-based English teaching assignment as a JCL Mission Partner in a small Japanese town. During a second assignment, this time in Kobe, Dawn felt the Lord laying on her heart a burden for long-term service in Japan. We prayed for the finances for six months' intensive Japanese language study, saw God provide, and soon after that Dawn gave her first Bible message in the Japanese language. From the comfort of the Home Counties to Japanese public speaking in Kobe, Dawn has seen God stretch her faith and vision, and taken her out of her comfort zone, while meeting all her needs. What might He want to do in your life?

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